In ages past, the heroes of lore managed to subdue and imprison some of the most fearsome creatures that roamed ancient Greece. The spirits of these defeated beasts were held deep within the cages of Tartarus, doomed to spend eternity within its torturous depths. 

Unbeknownst to anyone, the seal that Zeus placed upon the prison began to weaken, allowing the evil taint of the monsters to slowly escape their cells. Working in concert, they planned to have their revenge on humanity by corrupting the human race's mind and body, ensuring that the human race would die out.


The spirits of the same heroes who first captured the monsters have appeared to you in your dreams, warning you of the catastrophic consequences of allowing these horrors to break free.

With little time to lose, you ready yourself to embark on a perilous journey to save mankind. From the depths of Tartarus to the maze of Minos, your travels will bring you across Greece in an epic adventure to prevent disaster.


  • The 1st ever mobile game by I Love Children, crafted by The Escape Artist
  • A challenging new take on the classic escape room game format
  • Traverse across numerous landscapes of ancient Greece in your quest
  • Work together in teams of up to 2 to 4pax to prevent the fearsome beasts from breaking free
  • Grab vouchers for the first 800 registered players to complete the game and submit a completed feedback form!


  • Iliad: Legend’s Call is currently available on Google Play and will be available on iOS App Store on 10th October
  • Pre-registration is required to access the game and qualify for the goodie bag and grab vouchers
  • Upon registration, you will be sent a game access code, which you can then use once the game is launched
  • Each access code will have an expiry date, if you do not use it before the expiry date, you will have to register again in order to play the game
  • The game is designed for 2-4pax
  • The first 800 registered players to complete the game and submit a completed feedback form, will receive a free goodie bag and a $5 grab voucher .


Our campaign registration has closed. However, you can still download and play the game with your friends in Free-Play mode. See download info below:


For iOS users, our app is finally out on App Store! Download it now!
For Android users, please download the latest version from Google Play Store.
Alternatively, you can play it via Android Emulator. Step by Step instructions provided.

Have fun solving the puzzles!

Alternatively, start playing via Android Emulator (Bluestack) on Windows or MacOS.



  • When you launch the game for the first time, please tap on "Accept" when app asked for permission to record audio. This permission is meant to enable voice chat in game. If you accidentally tap on "Deny", please go to App Info screen or reinstall the game to change the permission setting.
  • Do not use the same Access Code to login on multiple devices. Doing so will cause an issue during login.


  • Look for the [?] button on the bottom right corner of each puzzle scene for extra hint
  • Download our Super Hint PDF from here

From that browser, download and run the APK file directly from url